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Guitar Effects

Steve Daniels at Small Bear Electronics carries many strange (and many not-so-strange) parts that you might need to complete these projects, ranging from enclosures to IC chips.

Other websites containing complete DIY FX projects include J.D. Sleep's generalguitargadgets, R.G. Keen's GEOFEX, Mark Hammer's

The AX84 project is one of the first online information sources for making your own tube amps.

If you have fx questions, be sure to read Aron Nelson's FAQ or the general reading at GEOFEX.

If you still have fx questions, be sure to check out the forums on Aron's site, Ampage, or Jack Orman's Muzique.

Vintage King Audio has the best sounding studio gear, now they also have guitar pedals, check them out.

Aboveground Fx for top quality guitar effects by Fp.

Musicians and Friends

Juan Gomez - You can appreciate some full length mp3s.

David Liu's homepage - David's interest in photography, archery and in the fine art of putting electronic devices together.

Other Links

Make! - Great magazine for all DIY inclined people.

Visual Analyser - Cool oscilloscope software.

Do it Yourself Forums - A place for DIY.

Rainy Day Magazine - Reviews and other interesting stuff.

Essays by Paul Graham - Very interesting useful articles.

Libre (free) software

Don't use illegal copies of software, use open source software.

Inkscape - An open source vector graphics drawing package, looks like coreldraw.

Blender 3d - Highly sophisticated 3D modeling software with unique interfase, about 15 MB installed makes other 3d software feel outdated.

Audacity - Audio editor. Excellent for many audio editing tasks, record your guitar effect projects sound samples freely!

Hydrogen - Drum machine. Very easy to use, good sounds.

Firefox - Web browser. You probably should be using this one to browse the web safely.

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