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Making an amp chassis out of a computer case
Step 1: The Victim

The waiting is the hardest part. I had all the parts for my amp ready to go...except for the chassis, which was in transit.

Why wait? You have beer and power tools, and probably a crappy old PC sitting around. This fine specimen came off a 486/DX33 I had sitting in the garage. I called the National Security Agency and asked if they wanted to harness the processing power of this mighty silicon stallion to do some codebreakery or homeland spying. They declined.

You will want to assess 3 things before deciding whether to carve up a computer case thus:

1)Thickness and strength. This case is 1/16" thick, which is perfect.
2)Conductivity. It might go without saying, but the interal surface of the case must conduct electricity.
3)Workability. If you can't drill a hole thru it without herniating yourself, forget it.

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