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Orange Squeezer -- BEGINNER

Nice and simple compressor


tonepad_orangesqueezer.pdf 61.7 KB-- Naranjito, Rev.2.Mar.4.2002
tonepad_orangesqueezer2.pdf 77.3 KB-- Naranjito2, Rev.1.Nov.28.2004

Orange Squeezer US$ 8.00

Don't let the simplicity of this build fool you. Many people prefer the sound of the Orange Squeezer to more complex circuits. It is not a perfectly clean compression; it exhibits some mild but pleasing distortion.

This compressor was the unit of choice for many guitarists, not least Jeff "Skunk" Baxter and Mark Knopfler (first Dire Straits album).

Mod to use this effect for bass guitar:

A Colman: "Here are the simple changes I made,maybe they can help somebody.

1)Changed output cap from 4.7uF to 1uF.
2)Changed bleeder cap from 4.7uf to 10uF. (cap connected to the diode)
3)Decrreased feedback resistor from 220k to 200k. "

Thanks to Mark Hammer and A Colman for the mod.

 The original Dan Armstrong unit plugged directly into the guitar jack. This version is an improvement in that it features true bypass, and the bias and volume pots can be surface-mounted for extra control.

NOTE: The latest orange squeezer boards have one resistor labeled wrong on the silk screen, it's the third component  from left to right, it's labeled 470k (to the left of .047uF cap), the correct value is 82k as shown on the PDF layout.

For offboard wiring instructions check the offboard wiring project page.

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