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The 'other' coveted chorus!


It's the Corrrral Chorus! You'll have to roll your tongue to pronounce it correctly!

Originals are scarce and expensive, but now you can build your own!

An awesome chorus for those who want to DIY a great chorus besides the Small Clone!


Massimo Ceresa recorded his original BOSS CE2 and his Tonepad Corrrral Chorus (CE2 clone) build to compare them. Check out the sound sample below.

This is what Massimo had to say:

 Hi Francisco take this sample i made last evening:
1)corral chorus,speed 10 o'clock,depth 10 o'clock
2)Boss CE2 same settings
3)corral chorus,speed 1 o'clock,depth max
4)Boss CE2 same settings.
For offboard wiring instructions check the offboard wiring project page.
Rin is for bypass 'pop' prevention, a 1Meg ohm resistor is standard.

tonepad_chorusensemble2.pdf 178.5 KB-- Corrrral Chorus,Rev.1.Oct.12.2005

Yes. See our ordering page for all available boards.

Boss CE-2 US$ 14.00

Small Bear Electronics

tonepad_ce-2chorus_fabio_castro.jpg 27.1 KB-- Populated board picture


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