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Small Clone Chorus -- ADVANCED

warm, analog chorus


tonepad_smallclone.pdf 224.3 KB-- Heladito-o2, Rev.1.Jul.25.2005

Small Clone Chorus US$ 14.00

Stereo Mod PCB US$ 5.00

This chorus pedal became highly sought after after Kurt Cobain used one on Nevermind. Original pedals command fairly high resale prices, and the reissues are known to be inferior in construction. Build one yourself.

The PDF now includes an add-on schematic for stereo outputs, this is done inverting the phase of the modulated singal and mixing it back with dry signal on a second output. This way there is chorus on both outputs and when used in a stereo amp setup the effect is really superb!

Current draw ~6.5mA (Without LED).

Sound samples and mods at:

Moosapotamus's wavy gravy page

Charlie Lamm's gear page

For offboard wiring instructions check the offboard wiring project page.

Small Bear Electronics

Tonepad_SC.JPG 33.0 KB-- Small Clone Board Picture

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