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Tremulus Lune -- INTERMEDIATE

Dan Green's optical tremolo


Nice, clean and simple, yet very versatile tremolo designed by Dan Green from Commonsound .

Layout made and posted with permission from Dan Green.

There has been a couple of changes to the schematic since this project was posted, those are:

In the Audio path:
Change the two 47k resistors to 220k.
Change trimpot to a 10k, you may want to use a panel mounted pot for easier adjustment instead.
Add a 330pF capacitor across opamp pins 6 and 7.

In the LFO:
Change 100ohm resistor to 2k7.
Change the 100uF cap to a 10uF.

Symmetry mod parts (two diodes and 500k pot) need to be wired offboard in this layout.

For offboard wiring instructions check the offboard wiring project page.

tonepad_commonsound_tremuluslune.pdf 98.8 KB-- Tremulus Lune, Rev.2.Dec.19.2005

Yes. See our ordering page for all available boards.

Tremulus Lune US$ 11.00

Small Bear Electronics



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