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Fuzz Face using PNP transistors


Thanks to Jack Orman for his "negative ground fuzz face" article.

In this layout the trick is in the jumper that connects circuit ground to the power supply. That jumper and the input cap are the only two parts that need changing in order to switch between the two ground schemes.

For experimentation C1 could be a non polarized cap (made with two 4.7uFs connected in series, negative pins facing out) and a spdt switch could toggle grounds. No real world application for this, but it can help A/B between the two options. I haven't tried it though.

We recomend using the positive ground circuit because using negative ground can lead to oscilation problems. <<<--- Take note on this if you built with negative ground and have motorboating, to solve it change it to postive ground. This is a known issue and the solution is to use positive ground instead.

Get your Ge transistors from Small Bear.

tonepad_fuzzface.pdf 88.5 KB-- Pelusa Face, Rev.2.Nov.28.2004

Yes. See our ordering page for all available boards.

Fuzz Face US$ 8.00

Small Bear Electronics



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