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Distortion with 3 band tone control


Some of you might notice that C3 has a different value than what's on the other schematics. The explanation is very simple, when discarding the bypass circuit the original circuit had in favor of true bypass, C3 and C4 become efectively in series (there's R2 in there, but series components can change place). So, total capacitance is 1/(1/C3+1/C4). That's where C3 gets its new value as shown in the project pdf. The fact is, you can use the two caps in series like the original, or a single cap like our pdf, it'll sound the same in both cases.

tonepad_guvnor.pdf 85.6 KB-- Go-nador.Rev.1.Jun.1.2006

Yes. See our ordering page for all available boards.

Guvnor US$ 11.00

Small Bear Electronics



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